Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September Photo Challenge Day #14

September 14th Challenge:

Today take a picture of your bed. Where you sleep is so important. Feel free to fluff before you get the perfect photo. Then again a messy bed tells you something about your personality!

This is our bed as of right now! Arnold and I were in a rush this morning and nothing got done. Thankfully not too many people go downstairs so we are ok! Our bed is from my parents when we moved to Toronto. The sheets are one of my favourite gifts from our wedding from my Aunt Marnie. The comforter is from my old sheet sets and the main cover (the one with blue and cream) is from WAY back in the day... haha like 2003 or so.


September 15th Challenge:

Half way finished ladies and gents! Well done! Enjoy today by taking a photo of anything you want, or just take the day off!

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