Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm here!!!

I promise I didn't forget. Things have been crazy at our house this weekend and I haven't had time to edit my photos yet. I'm hoping tomorrow. I have no daycare kids and only physio in the afternoon!

For those of you playing along at home here's the updated things to do:

September 17th Challenge:

Today is my sister-in-laws birthday (happy Birthday sweety!). So in honor of her, today, take a picture of someone you love. I can’t snag her photo since they are so far away but try to get one of someone you love in your life.

September 18th Challenge:

Today take a picture of some words. Some words that mean a lot to you. It could be needlepoint you have somewhere in the house, a quote you have pinned to the fridge or something out of the Bible. Whatever it is share with us please.

September 19th Challenge:

Welcome to a new week. Take a picture of the first thing you did today. If it was snuggle a little one, capture that little ones’ face, or a trip to the washroom? Snap a shot of that beautiful bathroom you have.

September 20th Challenge:

Our next few days of challenges are going to be you finding something you love in each room. Get started. Today is the Kitchen!

I'll be back! I promise :)

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