Thursday, September 1, 2011

A different start

Well that didn't work hey? I'm trying something new and it so didn't work this time around! hopefully I can get smart this time.

I want to try something different. Each month I"m going to do a form of a "photo challenge".

This month is the "September Photo Challenge". This is from the challenge:

Welcome to the September Photo Challenge. This month you are invited to explore different areas in your lives that may not be picture worthy but are still very important to you. These can range from a thank you note you get to the mail; a favourite comforting meal to a person you love more than anything. Be ready to be challenged. If you fall behind don't worry, catch up when you can but most of all be ready to to take a photo!

October is going to be a month "all about me". It's designed to go around your birthday month. So it works perfectly for me!

November, because it falls in with the American Thanksgiving, is going to be a month of thanks. I take photos of things I'm thankful for.

December is a Christmas/seasonal game month. I have done this before. This month I will take things that remind me of Christmas or the winter season.

I am very excited to see how this works out!!

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