Friday, December 2, 2011

December Photo Challenge Day #2

I love everything to do with Christmas. I mean really, who gets a whole month to celebrate someones brithday? It's fantastic!

Every year, ever since I can remember, I have had decorations for the tree given to me, or I made them. Starting in 1993 my parents started to buy Hallmark ones. Each year was something different. I love each and every ones I have gotten. For example, one decade, from 2000 to 2009 I was given WTP ornaments. They are so cute. They are little boys. Well when they were done my mom chose to get decorations about something that reflected you that year.

2010 was a fun year for us. We were settled in our house and finally felt like a "normal" family. We also began, and continued that year, a ministry of having the Young Adults in our church over. This was anyone from just out of high school to 40! We had alot of fun. I would serve supper at 6pm and people could come for that or just hang out at our home around 7pm until about 10pm. It was a blast. Because of this I had to feed alot of people. This blessed me with the chance to try out new food. On my family blog, I'm working on new foods. For the past few years I have tired to get in X amount of new food or new recpies. This was a perfect chance for me to do it and helped me to reach my goal of 75 new ones that year. (This years goal is over 100!)

Anyway my mom gave me this to reflect opening my home and serving people:


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