Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week #1 ~ Happy National Tinfoil Day!

Between Christmas and New Years, way back when my sister was little, so YEARS ago :), my mom forgot did her cleaning from Christmas. She found a gift that belonged to my sister but wasn't given to her. She had forgotten in. Every since they she has always found one gift that was forgotten to be given. Each year, since we have run out of Christmas paper, that gift is wrapped up in Tinfoil and presented to that person (along with a gift for everyone else) on Jan 1st. The challenge is to guess whose gift you forgot to give.

To this day we still do it. I have continued "National Tinfoil Day" in my house now for a few years. I love it!

This year, not only did Jan 1st bring National Tinfoil Day but it also brought Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack moved in with us in hopes to have fun with the kids, but also find a new job. We really hope he is successful quickly! I'm sure he would love to have a job soon. Next week we begin "Boot Camp" for applying for some jobs!

Anyway.. back to the picture. Here is Uncle Jack with his National Tinfoil Day gift:


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